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$20M Flying Theater Coming to The Island in Pigeon Forge

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Each year, Pigeon Forge offers something new and exciting to do that brings visitors back to the Smokies. Recently, we shared exciting new attractions coming to Pigeon Forge in 2019, but now we have the first big announcement of a new attraction coming in 2020!

The Island in Pigeon Forge has announced the addition of a $20M “flying theater” that will give visitors an immersive experience of flying over various landscapes and scenery. If this sounds familiar, you have perhaps ridden the extremely popular Soarin’ at Disney World’s Epcot. The company, Dynamic Attractions, that pioneered that technology is the same company that will be custom building this new theater as well as producing a new, custom film that will be shown to riders at the new Pigeon Forge theater.

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The new flying theater is planned to open in early 2020 and will be located in a new 9,000-10,000 sqft building. The Island is located less than 1 mile away from The Ramsey Hotel.

To get an idea of the incredible technology and rides that Dynamic Motion creates, check out their video below showcasing many of their attractions around the world!

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